Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Still counting the days.....

Starting to panic a bit as I feel like I haven't even started getting myself organised for this move. I spend most days looking at blogs and facebook and constantly checking my email. So many people seem to have started packing already and I still haven't thought about what I need to take. I know I've so much to do and as usual I'll leave everything to the last minute :op. Think its time to start one of my famous checklists and start getting myself organised.
Only 6 weeks left in work so its starting to feel more real now. I have finally started telling my students that I'm leaving. I was surprised at the reaction as a lot of them are actually gutted that I'm leaving. Shows that I have made an impression on some of their lives and I know that there are quite few students I'm going to miss especially my form. I'll be thinking of them next year during their exams but I know they're all going to do so well.
So much for me moving into my parents last week. Its definitely happening this weekend :o( Not looking forward to it but has to be done. Its going to be weird not having my own space and sleeping on single bed in a little box room. I can see myself waking up on the fall many times haha.
I can't wait to start filling these blogs with pictures and videos of all the things I am going to get to experience in Abu Dhabi. Just feels like times starting to slow down.

And just a little note to my 2 younger brothers. I know you'll end up reading my blogs even if you think its a silly idea. You're both going to miss me and you know it :oP

53 days to go.......
(hopefully in first group)

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